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So Far…


I have read a very interesting post about the Pylons framework here. It is done by one of its creators. The analysis is very detailed. But the analysis confirms my initial concerns that Pylons is not really there yet, but they are going in the right direction, especially with support for Paste

For those of you that don’t know. TurboGrears have released their infamous 0.9a release It has a lot of new features, which all look very cool indeed.

I think along with this release and with the experimental support for sqlalchemy TurboGears is going in the right direction for me. I have decided that this will be the first python framework that I will play about with :).

I will probably try an make that 20 minute wiki first, so i can get a feel for the framework.



Python Frameworks

I have been recently thinking about Rapid Application Development (RAD) web frameworks. My requirements are:

  1. Must be a scripting language to facilitate RAD.
  2. Ideally I would like to use Python as the programming language.
  3. Allow the admin backend to be generated automatically
  4. Easy/clean API
  5. Good community
  6. open source

Below are the frameworks I am thinking of (in no order) :

I have also been looking into less ‘Magic’ frameworks. These include:

Ideally I suppose the answer would be to develop projects in all of the above programs and pick one that suits me. However this is a large task, which is impossible to do in my spare time, due to family commitments.

Hopefully I should be able to post to this blog when I have made a choice on which one to go for. I will then be able to keep a kind of diary of my experiences. I hope this will help other people who are in the same dilemma.

Just another point that may interest you (or not). I am currently a Java developer. I use Java Servlets and JSP every day for my job.

I would love to hear other peoples input on which Python web framework they use and why.