Python Frameworks

I have been recently thinking about Rapid Application Development (RAD) web frameworks. My requirements are:

  1. Must be a scripting language to facilitate RAD.
  2. Ideally I would like to use Python as the programming language.
  3. Allow the admin backend to be generated automatically
  4. Easy/clean API
  5. Good community
  6. open source

Below are the frameworks I am thinking of (in no order) :

I have also been looking into less ‘Magic’ frameworks. These include:

Ideally I suppose the answer would be to develop projects in all of the above programs and pick one that suits me. However this is a large task, which is impossible to do in my spare time, due to family commitments.

Hopefully I should be able to post to this blog when I have made a choice on which one to go for. I will then be able to keep a kind of diary of my experiences. I hope this will help other people who are in the same dilemma.

Just another point that may interest you (or not). I am currently a Java developer. I use Java Servlets and JSP every day for my job.

I would love to hear other peoples input on which Python web framework they use and why.



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