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Ruby on Rails First Thoughts

Well my head has been in RoR for about 4 days. I have to say I have found it quite difficult to learn. I think that is because I have been relying on tutorials and wiki entries. I think if I would have read the rails book things would be alot easier (but slower ?). I have not got to grips with it fully. I am still trying my best to learn some of the inner workings.

Rails 1.1was released a couple of days ago. It has a bunch of cool new features. But I am not sure I am at the stage of using half of the features. Nevertheless I have upgraded 🙂 with a little bit of difficulties. This was due the version of Ruby I had was not supported. I had version 1.8.3, put that is not supported and because I was Ubuntu, I found it difficult to update it.


Ruby on Rails …?

Ruby on Rails Logo

Although you may have gathered I am looking into Python frameworks. I have just been asked at work, if we can use Ruby on Rails as a platform to develop a pilot project we are developing. (I can’t give any details, just to say that it will be a bilingual site 🙂

So this leaves me with learning two very different frameworks and languages. Such is life. I can say that the documentation for Rails is awesome, compared to TurboGrears.
It is going to be an interesting few months …

Very Interesting Forum Post

I have just been reading a very interesting forum post concerning Python Frameworks. It has a number of views from different python camps.